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PHP 7 debugger settings in eclipse

I've changed the version of php from 5.6 to the new version: 7.0. So far, everything works fine; but some new features of php 7 are not recognized by the debugger. For example the line:

$flag = $params['flag'] ?? true;

is marked by the debugger - symbol ? not recognized, but when I run the program it is working correctly!

What can I do to fix this?


Version of PDT released with Eclipse Mars supports all major PHP 7 features. Your example is about Null Coalesce Operator ( and it is ready to use with PDT.

To remove error in PHP editor go to your project preferences (context menu in PHP Explorer) and choose PHP -> Interpreter and change it to PHP 7.


到目前为止,一切正常。但是调试器无法识别php 7的某些新功能。例如一行:

$flag = $params['flag'] ?? true;


与Eclipse Mars一起发布的PDT版本支持所有主要的PHP 7功能。您的示例与Null Coalesce运算符(有关,可以将其与PDT一起使用。

要消除PHP编辑器中的错误,请转到项目首选项(PHP Explorer中的上下文菜单),然后选择PHP-> Interpreter并将其更改为PHP 7。

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