php - 什么数据类型可用于在mysql中放置标志(布尔值)?

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What data type can be used to put a flag (boolean) in mysql?

I have a database in which I have the following columns:

emp_id: INT(11) (PRIMARY KEY)
FirstName: varchar(45)
LastName: varchar(45)
password: varchar(45)
admin: ????

I want the admin column to be a flag, so the employee is either an admin (true) or not an admin (false). Can someone please tell me what datatype to assign to this column in the mysql table?


You should be able to declare the column as TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT FALSE (or DEFAULT 0).

An insert would be VALUES (TRUE, ... or VALUES (FALSE, ... or VALUES(1, ... or VALUES (0, ....

As an unquoted literal, TRUE is equivalent to 1 and FALSE is equivalent to 0, because there is no pure Boolean data type in MySQL.

Your application will always see the column as containing 1 or 0 in result sets.

Disregard the number in parentheses, e.g. TINYINT(1) or TINYINT(4). That's part of a legacy feature that provided hints to applications for how wide the value stored in a column would be expected to be... it was useful for fixed-width fonts on display terminals, but is largely ignored by applications today, and this value changes nothing about the contents of the column or the storage requirements for it. A TINYINT requires 1 byte of storage per row.

Using an ENUM isn't typically recommended for the boolean case, because behind the curtain, enums have numeric values that can cause logical ambiguities, since the "string" for a value will be cast implicitly to it's integer index (1-based, not 0-based) in some contexts.



emp_id: INT(11) (PRIMARY KEY)
FirstName: varchar(45)
LastName: varchar(45)
password: varchar(45)
admin: ????


插入将是VALUES (TRUE, ...VALUES (FALSE, ...VALUES(1, ...VALUES (0, ...



忽略括号中的数字,例如TINYINT(1)TINYINT(4)。这是一项传统功能的一部分,该功能向应用程序提供提示,以了解存储在列中的值应该有多宽...对于显示终端上的固定宽度字体很有用,但今天被应用程序很大程度上忽略了这一点。值不会改变列的内容或存储要求。 TINYINT每行需要1字节的存储空间。


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