javascript - 单击链接时如何在特定的div中添加文本

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How to add a text in a certain div when click in a link

This is my first incursion in jQuery so I am really newbie with this. I read the documentation (actually, I am still on it) to get to know it better!

The thing is that I have a website with several links into a li element and I want to achieve that every time I click in one of these links, a certain piece of text will appear in a div id="container" in the webpage.

How could I do this?

$('li a').click(function(){
   $('#container').html('Text you want to add');



问题是,我有一个网站,其中的li元素带有多个链接,并且我希望每次单击这些链接中的一个时,都会在网页的div id =“ container”中显示一段特定的文本。

$('li a').click(function(){
   $('#container').html('Text you want to add');

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