c# - global.asax中需要UrlHelper

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Need UrlHelper inside global.asax

I need to set up a bunch of paths and URLs when my app starts, ie in global.asax. Using UrlHelper.Content() is the easiest way to do that, but it is not available for use.

So how can I get an instance of it inside global.asax? I tried creating one, but of course RequestContext doesn't exist.

The answer most linked-to is here but that throws exceptions for me. I am using the latest MVC3.


The code that you have linked to doesn't work for you because you are probably running your application in IIS 7 Integrated Mode (in contrast to Classic Mode). In integrated mode you have no access to the HttpContext in Application_Start. So if on all price you need to generate urls in your Application_Start method forget about UrlHelper, you will need some other method. This being said you could of course use this code in events like Application_BeginRequest, ...

And by the way it's strange that you need to generate urls there. I have never had such need. Maybe you could explain your scenario in more details in order to get a more adapted solution to it.




链接到的代码不适用于您,因为您可能正在IIS 7集成模式下运行应用程序(与经典模式相反)。在集成模式下,您无法访问Application_Start中的HttpContext。因此,如果总的来说您需要在Application_Start方法中生成url,而忘记UrlHelper,则将需要其他方法。话虽如此,您当然可以在Application_BeginRequest等事件中使用此代码...


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